Aston Student Minds - Welcome Event

Don’t forget – our welcome event is tomorrow from 2-5:30pm in the MLK centre on campus, hope to see you lovely lot there for a chat with our equally lovely committee – and get some input on what you’d like us to run as campaigns this year. (It’ll also give any of you still interested in a PSO role a chance to ask us some questions and apply before its too late!)

See you tomorrow!


Welcome to the Freshers of 2015!

A big hello to all you Freshers who have arrived at Aston Uni ready for Freshers Week, Frat Party Style!

We’re looking forward to meeting you all at the Freshers Fair next week where we will be handing out sweets and telling you all about Student Minds and our plans for the year.

We’re currently planning our first social event of the year, so details will be released soon. Don’t forget to check out our Project Support Officer scheme for this year in the meantime.https://astonstudentminds.wordpress.com/…/project-support-…/

We will be accepting applications until after Freshers Week is over, but for those of you who require more information, we can tell you more at the Freshers Fair.

Until then, enjoy your first week at Aston!

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Welcome to the Freshers of 2015!

Project Support Officer Applications still open for 2015/2016!

Hi all – just a quick reminder that Aston Student Minds is still accepting applications for Project Support Officers available from September this year!

For those of you that missed the update, Aston Student Minds is recruiting for PSOs this September to help us on campus throughout this year. The role of a PSO is to support the committee members promote events, large ongoing campaigns and contribute to the management of the society. Tasks can range from simple event preparation such as spreading promotional materials around campus to focus groups to develop Mental Health related apps to attending Student Union meetings and discussing how we could run the society better. If you’ve got a passion for Mental Health, we want to have you on board this year.

Participation as a PSO is completely voluntary and projects will be suited to your timetable – as we will all be available at different times this year.

If you’re new to Aston Student Minds or Aston University in general this year, visit the following link to see what we’re all about: https://astonstudentminds.wordpress.com/about-us/

We had fantastic engagement across the campus last year, with events such as Mental Health Workshops hosted by MIND, our University Mental Health Day events, participation in Student Health, Advice and Guidance Week and we have much more planned this year.

Expect large ongoing campaigns focusing on your Mental Health whilst at University, events such as Workshops, Guest lecturers, collaborations with other Aston societies and of course, Socials!

If you’re interested in joining us this year – just send us over a brief email to: aston_mw@hotmail.com outlining why you want to be a PSO and what skills you have that you think Aston Student Minds could benefit from this year and we’ll get back in touch with you. Remember – applications are open to students of all degree programmes, and years; that includes you Freshers!

We look forward to hearing from you! See you all in September.

Project Support Officer Applications still open for 2015/2016!

Join Aston Student Minds in 2015/16 as a Project Support Officer!

PSO promo

Here at Aston Student Minds, we are always looking for individuals with a passion for mental health awareness to get involved with us, whether that’s through fundraising, event support, workshops, social media or focus groups – we love hearing from you!

This is why the new Aston Student Minds committee for 2015/16 are opening up newly found positions in the society known as Project Support Officers for this coming year. This is a great position for anyone interested in the work at ASM does! If you’re not familiar with us, take a little look around the rest of this website via the navigation buttons at the top of the page or visit our Facebook: www.facebook.com/astonstudentminds/

There are five Project Support Officer roles available, and they’re open to anyone who is a student at Aston University, regardless of your year and degree of study.

A little about the role:

asm hug day

Don’t you hate it when you join a society and they don’t give you an opportunity to participate? What about if they never host events? What about the times when you know you could improve an event or campaign the society is running with your skills – but instead are left to watch it flounder because you’re not on the committee?
Project Support Officers (PSOs) look to challenge all these common problems in societies as we don’t want ASM to be subject to any of these.

PSOs will basically be active members of our society that help out ASM whenever we have large projects happening throughout the year such as campaigns (and we do have some big campaigns planned this year!). This will involve PSOs helping us out with event planning, promotion, ongoing campaign duties, and fundraising.

Duties can range from booking guest speakers to decorating venues, distributing promotional materials to engaging social media. Basically, using your specific skill set to help us make the best of an event or campaign.
Not only does this give you a taste of what ASM does throughout the year, you will also get to take part in some really fun events we have planned and give you an idea about what it’s like to be on the ASM committee. Who knows – after this you could even be replacing us on the 2016/17 ASM committee?! (Also it does look quite good on your CV, so that’s nice).

How to apply:


Applications are open to anyone! No overtly formal application forms required here -all we want from you is an email discussing why you want to be a Project Support Officer and why you think you’d be good at it. We’re looking for a passion for mental health awareness here, not so much your past work experience – so don’t worry if you’ve not done this before.

All applications are considered and we will then invite those suitable to an informal interview where we can answer any questions you have about the role or ASM itself.

Emails are to be sent to: aston_mw@hotmail.com (please title the subject as something like Project Support Officer Application so it’s clear).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us on the above address or message us via our Facebook page.

Best of luck and we hope to hear from you soon!

Join Aston Student Minds in 2015/16 as a Project Support Officer!

Exam Stress!

Hi everyone,

With exams on the horizon and everyone asking, “how much revision have you done?”, we thought it was time to talk about exam stress. We’ve all experienced it at some point, but lets just quickly recap. Flashback to February, all was fine and you were living the student dream, looking forward to the spring sunshine and feeling care-free now your January exams and coursework were out of the way.

Then suddenly, it’s April. Exam timetables have been released and now exams suddenly feel more “real”. Your friends sneak off to revise in the library between lectures when before you all went to grab lunch or do a bit of window shopping. Suddenly there’s highlighters everywhere, everyone’s got colour coded folders and note-cards and generally look like they’ve raided WHSmiths. Your lecturers are including slides about revision in their lectures or giving you example exam questions. Oh and there’s now a Hunger Games type situation with trying to get a computer in the library, (may the odds be ever in your favor).

Regardless of if you started preparing months ago and all your notes look the same:


or if you have just started, and don’t really know where to begin:


we all suffer from exam stress. This also applies to the level of exam – I panicked as much about exams at A Level as I do now!

So before you become a bit too enthusiastic in making mind maps out of pure panic, here are some tips from Student Minds about how to: approach upcoming exams, handle any stress associated and make the most of your remaining time.

exam stress 1 exam stress 2 exam stress 3 exam stress 4 exam stress 5

So to all of you, happy studying and good luck in your final exams – you can do it!


Exam Stress!

Student Union S.H.A.G Week!


As some of you may know, this week is the Aston Student Union S.H.A.G Week, (short for Student Health, Advice and Guidance Week) in association with Aston Student Minds. This is the week where the Student Union promotes student health and well-being throughout the campus, with a little help from us. There are various events happening all week in the Student Union and we’d love to see all of our society members (and non-members) throughout the week.


One event we’re excited about is the Puppy Room! Yes, thats right, a room full of puppies! In association with Birmingham Guide Dogs, the SU has booked the Union Hall for students to meet some guide dog puppies. A £3 donation is required to spend a 20 minute time slot with one of the puppies, which then goes to the Birmingham Guide Dogs charity. You can email Jema Wyatt (Vice President Education and Welfare –union.vpew@aston.ac.uk) to book one of these slots. Be warned – there is limited space available due to its popularity!

Our Promotions Officer will be helping out with the puppies between 1pm-3pm, some people get all the luck! If you can’t get a spot on the day, you can still donate to the Guide Dogs charity at the following link, including sponsoring a guide dog in training: https://www.guidedogs.org.uk/supportus/fundraising#.VP2uUhryMnV



On Friday, Aston Student Minds has organised workshops by both charities Revitalise (11am-1pm in the Presentation Suite on the 2nd floor of the Student Union) and Mind (1pm-2pm in the Presentation Suite on the 2nd floor of the Student Union). Revitalise will be discussing stigma attached to physical disability and giving an introduction to their charity. Meanwhile the interactive Mind workshop will be discussing mental health awareness and the stigmas surrounding mental health issues and what we can do to address these stigmas. Both of these workshops are free and we hope to see you there.

To find out more about S.H.A.G Week and the events, visit the Student Union webpage: http://www.aston.ac.uk/union/events/shag-week/

If you have any questions about S.H.A.G week or our Student Minds specific events, email aston_mw@hotmail.com, or message us on Facebook or Twitter.

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Student Union S.H.A.G Week!